Nature’s defense against insects

Pyrethrins: or Natural Pyrethrins.

An all-natural, effective alternative to synthetic insecticide active ingredients.

The Pyrethrins are extracted from the yellow centered flowers of the pyrethrum (chrysanthemum) daisy.  Pyrethrins are the plants’ natural defense against insects.

Sustainably grown and extracted in Tanzania

Tanzanian pyrethrum (chrysanthemum) daisies are sustainably grown by Tanzanian farmer families.  The active ingredient, Natural Pyrethrins, is extracted from the flowers using a process that maintains the integrity of the natural pyrethrins.

Works fast to eliminate insects with low toxicity

Natural Pyrethrins consists of six (6) naturally occurring insecticidal molecules that have low mammalian toxicity for people and pets (mammals).  Natural Pyrethrins attack the insects’ nervous system, knocking them down within seconds. Furthermore, the complex chemistry of these molecules and natural variation in the plant’s biology makes it more difficult for insects to develop resistance.

Suitable for use in sensitive applications including organic farming¹

Natural Pyrethrins is an allowed effective active ingredient for insect control in organic farming and production¹.  Due to its low mammalian toxicity and biodegradability in sunlight², pyrethrins based products are a natural choice for controlling insects in the most sensitive environments including commercial kitchens, food processing and storage, hospitals and schools, edible gardening and organic farming and production.

Long history of use in insect control products

The special insect killing properties of Natural Pyrethrins have been known for more than 2000 years.  The flowers were originally dried and crushed to make ‘insect powder’ which was widely traded in the ancient world.  Legend has it that even Napoleon Bonaparte relied on natural pyrethrins ‘insect powder’ to keep fleas and lice off his troops!

1. Pyrethrins active ingredient is authorised for use in organic production in the European Union under Regulation (EC) No 889/2008. In the USA pyrethrum is Allowed with Restrictions for Crop NOP Rule: 205.206(e), Allowed for Livestock NOP Rule: 205.105, Allowed with Restrictions for Processing & Handling NOP Rule: 205.271(c) as per the OMRI Generic Materials List 2015.

2. Pyrethrins General Fact Sheet. National Pesticide Information Center, November 2014, p 3.