man and woman standing in front of cattle

Animal Health

MGK® insect control solutions help protect animals against pests that may transmit disease. Solve insect problems, maximize productivity and protect the bottom line with our portfolio of effective, easy-to-use products. MGK® is committed to providing innovative products and services that meet the performance expectations of our customers and yours. We continually strive to develop advanced insect control solutions with novel product formulations, delivery systems and active ingredients specifically designed for the animal health market.

Effective Products, Effective Solutions

Although some farms and ranches are more for pleasure than profit, animals still need protection from the annoyance of insects that may carry disease. Keep operations free from insects and other pests with effective insect control solutions from the MGK portfolio.


The adverse effects of insects on the health of animals can also affect the profitability of commercial operations. Help safeguard both by relying on effective insect control solutions from the MGK portfolio.