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Crop Protection

The MGK portfolio of botanically derived crop protection products is the right choice for growers requiring both effectiveness and sustainability in insect control. The lineup of insecticides provides broad-spectrum control of hard-to-kill agricultural pests with a reduced impact on the environment due to their botanical active ingredients.

Sustainable, Yet Highly Effective

There is no single solution for every situation. That’s why the MGK botanical portfolio includes a wide variety of insect control products that fit your operation’s specific needs. Most of our crop protection products are approved for organic production (OMRI Listed®) and can also be used as part of a rotational program for integrated pest management in conventional farming.

These sustainable solutions also help give growers the tools they need to preserve their land for future generations. And while we view the future as important, we ensure our solutions meet your current needs to give you the best return on your investment.

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Crop Protection Products

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