What we do

PCT is Africa’s most reliable Pyrethrum producer and continues to grow through increased marketing in partnership with the world largest global Pyrethrum marketers and customers.


  • PCT has developed and maintains a comprehensive Pyrethrum farming system for farmers including supplying improved key inputs (seeds and planting materials) for higher quality and higher yielding Pyrethrum plants for farmers.
  • Pyrethrum is the most effective and well know Natural Botanical Insecticide on planet earth.  Pyrethrins are extracted from the Pyrethrum flowers (Chrysanthemum - Tanacetum cinerariaefolium).

PCT’s success is built on maintaining a high quality processing facility and a reliable Pyrethrum agricultural system with farmers.  PCT’s headquarters and processing facilities are located in Mafinga town in the Iringa region in Tanzania. PCT installed all new processing equipment from 2010 through 2015, and produces high quality Pyrethrum Extracts.

PCT’s extensive farmer training, extension & logistic services are a most valuable and convenient resource for Pyrethrum farmers.  The farmer support from PCT includes hundreds of flower driers for farmers which are critical for drying flowers during the rainy season.


  • PCT was launched in 2006 with a key investment / partnership with a new majority owner MGK®.
  • PCT growth has resulted in employing directly and indirectly over 500 Tanzanians with reliable long term employment
  • PCT in partnership with MGK®, managed a multiyear investment program which revitalized the Pyrethrum industry in Tanzania. 
  • PCT continues to focus on improving efficiencies and developing improved agricultural systems. Two (2) key areas include developing Higher Quality Pyrethrum plants and Improved Farming Practices for farmers.
  • Pyrethrum production increased from zero to being one of the world’s most reliable and largest high quality Pyrethrum producers for the past decade that continues today.
  • The trust and symbiotic relationship PCT has built with Pyrethrum farmers provides them with a sustainable/reliable organic cash crop!

PCT supports primary schools that serve small holder farmer families in high altitudes areas in rural Tanzania.